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Berlin Combo Tickets

Do you want to undertake several different activities during your Berlin city trip? Then make sure to save yourself some money by buying combi tickets! Our fantastic Berlin bundle deals allow you to combine tickets for river cruises, attractions, museums and other activities with the City Sightseeing Berlin bus.

Here you can explore some of our Berlin combo tickets. Will you choose a Berlin combination of attractions or a combo with our Hop-on Hop-off bus? The choice is yours but we can make some recommendations.

Combi ticket Berlin options

Choosing Berlin combo tickets can improve your visit to the capital of Germany in several ways. First, a combo ticket almost always gives you a discount. Secondly, if you choose a Berlin attraction pass in combination with the City Sightseeing bus, you can easily make your way to the attraction and around the rest of the city. And, thirdly, if you book in advance you can be sure not to miss out on any of the activities you want to do.

What attractions can you combine the City Sightseeing Berlin bus with?

  • Berlin Icebar: this unique bar near Alexanderplatz take you on a polar expedition without leaving the city
  • Cruise on the Spree: for the complete sightseeing experience, combine your hop-on hop-off bus with an hour long cruise on the Spree from Stern & Kreisschiffahrt
  • DDR Museum: with this combination you can experience modern day Berlin what it was like back in the day of the GDR
  • Madame Tussauds: Visit the best sights in the city and meet superstars from around the world
  • SEA LIFE: the perfect combination for those who want to explore the world above and below the water

How do combo tickets work?

When you book a City Sightseeing Berlin combo ticket you will have 24 hour access to the hop-on hop-off bus on your chosen day and you can visit the attraction on that day as well. For some attractions you have to choose a timeslot but for others you can just show up whenever the attraction is open. When you book, you will receive separate tickets per person for each product that is part of the package deal.

How do child tickets work in package deals? Because the child ticket has to be valid within the age range of both attractions, the age range for the combination may be more limited than for the individual ticket. This is why sometimes it can be a good idea to check if it is better to order a combination deal for adults and separate attraction tickets for kids.

How do others feel about Berlin combo tickets?

If we haven’t convinced you yet that a package deal is the way to go, then perhaps the opinions of others can help you decide.

Florencia S
Both experiences were amazing. The bus goes around all the main points of the city. Ice Bar was a different experience as there are no other places like this in the city.
Berlin is spread out over many sections and the bus gave us footing and opportunity to easily access and assess what interested us, The river spree was peaceful and delightful and an enhanced experience.
Very pleasant, it's a very effective way to visit a city in two days trying to see as much as possible!

What package deal will you choose? The Berlin combo ticket with City Sightseeing buys and boat tour, or the Berlin Madame Tussauds combi ticket with the hop-on hop-off bus? Or will you instead combine two attractions and book a Berlin Dungeon combi ticket with the Icebar?

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