04 January, 2022

What to do in Friedrichshain: 6 insider tips

Berlin Friedrichshain has slowly become one of the capital's hippest neighbourhoods in recent years. Keep on reading to learn all about our favourite places in the district. It is especially famous for its young cultural scene, street art, unique bars and clubs, eventful history during the divide into East- and West-Berlin and fancy cafes.

Train to Friedrichshain

Tour along the Karl-Marx-Allee

The Karl-Marx-Allee is a testament to Berlin’s eventful history. The blocks of flats from the 60s and so called ‘Stalinbauten’ will transport you right back in time and give you to feeling to walk down a boulevard in East Berlin, hence strolling around the street alone is an impressive experience. Along the street you can find information boards about its history.

The DDR museums’s guided walking tour is the best way to learn more about this unique piece of the city. This tour starts with a one-hour visit to the DDR museum and then proceeds to the boulevard and learn all about its lively history, why it became a symbol of national uprising and how to spot the architecture that was typical for East Germany.


Relax at Modersohnbrücke

Can a simple bridge be a must-see in Berlin? The Modersohnbrücke won’t disappoint, we promise! The bridge spans over the urban train ring, parallel to the brick-red Oberbaumbrücke, allowing a largely unobstructed view over Berlin’s west side.

Here you can join the locals for one of their most beloved evening activities during summer months. Simply take a seat, relax and watch the sunset and the illuminated city after grabbing a beer or lemonade at one of the nearby Spätis. The sight may be a little brusque and very urban but it for sure is one thing: Berlin in its purest form.

Boxi, films and the best burgers in town

The Boxhagener Platz, also known as ‚Boxi‘, is the heart of the neighbourhood, you’ll likely end up here whichever way you take. The square between Krossener and Grünberger Straße is home to some of Friedrichshain’s cool cafes, bars, shops and restaurants and hence a popular meeting point for locals, a lively melting pot of young families and bohemians.

Near the Boxi you can find some of the best burgers in town at Burgeramt since 2008. But this is no regular burger restaurant! This unique place unites its three big passions: burgers, beats and bars. Besides yummy creations like the chicken peanut burger, a Mediterranean burger or the bacon guacamole burger with a particular attention offering sustainability to fair prices, Burgeramt also frequently hosts hip hop events.

Another local legend here is Kino Intimes, a small movie theatre covered in graffiti. The humble interior and size of the cinema form a refreshing contrast to omnipresent Franchise cinemas. A nice touch for travellers from abroad: while most movies in German theatres are shown in dubbed versions, Kino Intimes always screens International films in the original version with German subtitles.

Friedrichshain Kino

Explore RAW-Friedrichshain

The RAW area is not only the last industrial wasteland within Berlin’s urban train ring but it is also one of the capital’s most popular spaces for intercultural projects. Once a repair station for trains, the area has been a cultural hotspot since 1999 for events of any kind, ranging from concerts to exhibitions, open-air cinema, flea markets and being home to many cool clubs and bars.

With its industrial charm and many happenings it is today a symbol for Berlin’s lively subculture and colourful nightlife. Great places to experience Berlin’s scene culture in the RAW area are for example the Astra Kulturhaus where the hippest artists of the city regularly perform as well as the Badehaus. Here the workers used to wash away the dust while today it delights visitors with a supreme sound experience.

To recover from clubbing the next day you can test your climbing and boulder skills in the climbing hall Der Kegel or try out a new activity at the Verein zur Überwindung der Schwerkraft such as Hula hoop, trapeze, contemporary dance or Aerial hoop. Alternatively, you can shop for rare finds at the RAW Sunday flea market.

Stralau peninsula

The Stralau peninsula lies between the river Spree and Lake Rummelsburg, making it the perfect, idyllic getaway spot to escape the hustle und bustle of the city. House boats, lush green meadows and the glittering water add to the scenery. Bring your picnic blanket and some snacks to enjoy the quiet side of Berlin.

Apart from that the peninsula is best known for water sports. Sailing clubs have set foot here as early as 1830, hence it is considered the birthplace of German sailing. If you already have some experience with water sports you can add some fun to your day by renting a Flying Cruiser at FluxAhoi or alternatively a paddle boat.

Spree riverbank

Coffee break on the Warschauer Straße

While Friedrichshain has become super popular among travellers and has become more tourist-y, there are still many real café gems to enjoy, especially on the Warschauer Straße. Goodies deli is a Berlin institution and best known for its heavenly vegan and sugar-free cakes. Whether you fancy a classic Belgian Chocolate Truffle Cake, gluten-free Raspberry Vanilla Tarte or wanna try out something new with the Mango Mousse Cake with Dragonfruit topping, this is the place for cake lovers.

Looking for the best bagels in town? With Fine Bagels you are at the right address. The hand-rolled bagels are made using a traditional New York recipe and in small batches. The eatery further offers scrumptious treats of the Jewish-American bakery. The fact that it is located inside a bookstore crowns it all!

Café Kala is a green oasis in the heart of Berlin and is every breakfast-lovers dream. Enjoy breakfast classics such as pancake, smoothie bowls and one of the best porridges in town, get ready for the day with authentic sourdough bread and top it off with a superfood smoothie or a delicious coffee.

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