12 April, 2022

Trips into nature in and around Berlin

While Berlin may be better known for its vibrant nightlife and abundance of cultural events, the German capital also has a lot of lush nature and beautiful parks to offer. Whether you’re looking to escape the city’s hustle and buzzle to simple relax and replenish, discover nearby wildlife or even hike through moorland meadows – natural Berlin and its surroundings have it all. These beautiful parks and forests are either directly located in the city or easy day trips from Berlin.

Tiergarten from Victory Tower

Sanddorn-Garten Petzow

Quaintly situated a bit outside of Berlin, the Sanddorn-Garten Petzow in the famous Havelland is the perfect getaway during your city trip. Here, the colour orange shines as far as the eye can see. The 3-hectare big garden includes a café, the restaurant Orangerie as well as its own farm and specialties shops and is all about its naming plant: sea buckthorn.

The garden experience full of sea buckthorn and wild fruits invites visitors on a stroll through colourful flowerbeds in an enchanting atmosphere. Learn all about the different sorts of sea buckthorn, its unique traits and fascinating history and see up close how delicious marmalade is made from the bright orange fruits. Afterwards, relax on the sun terrace while enjoying locally made desserts and cakes with a cup of coffee and shop for unique souvenirs like marmalades, liquors, juices and sweets that are all made from own organic production on the little farm.

Spandauer Forst

A green oasis right in Spandau: the Spandauer Forst is one of the biggest forests in Berlin but also so more than that and perfect for starting your day with a hike through local moors. The forest is home to the Teufelsbruch and its subsidiary moors Großer and Kleiner Rohrpfuhl.

These moors are designated as a nature reserve and provide a home for rare animal and plant species such as goshawk, kingfisher and beavers. Connected to several wildlife enclosures, you can see many different animals in their natural surroundings. Whether you’re visiting with your children to see the many animals, watch birds or you’re looking to hike through beautiful nature, the area has something for everyone.

Spandauer Forst


Set up as part of the International Garden Exhibition in 2017, the Kienbergpark is 60-hectare big park and located on top of the Kienberg. It has its own cable car that’s connecting it to the beautiful Gärten der Welt, the Gardens of the World, and invites visitors to a rapid downhill slide. This makes the park the perfect destination for young and old.

If you prefer an even better view over your surroundings, climb the Kienberg where you will find the Wolkenhain, a 30-meter high viewing platform in the shape of a cloud. From here you have a magnificent view and can see up until the very center of the capital. Afterwards, you can refresh at the attached café at the foot of the cloud.

Eichwerder Moorwiesen

The Eichwerde Moor meadows form a mosaic of shallow water bodies, open wet meadows and wooded areas and it can be easily reached via tram and metro. The moor meadows can be best explore through a circular walk of approximately 7 km length. Stretching from Lübars via the Eichwerder Steg and Schildow back to Lübars is suitable for the whole family. On the way there are beautiful viewpoints over the moor that poses a very diverse and interesting natural area.

For visitors that prefer to explore a bit off the beaten path there is also an extensive network of paths and meadow trails on which you can crisscross the landscape. There is certainly something for everyone, because beautiful nature is on all paths.

Eichwerder Moorwiesen
© Andrea Brodersen

Lübars Leisure and Recreation Park

This 40-hectare big park in the North of the city is one of the most popular nature trips in Berlin, especially among families. The park’s centre is the Lübarser Höhe, a 85.3 m high hill that offers a truly breath-taking panoramic view of Berlin and the surrounding area.

A large green area awaits visitors on the slope, where you can wonderfully relax. It is also an ideal place to let your hang-gliders and model aeroplanes fly. Hiking trails, cycle paths and bridle paths run through the park. The highlight in winter is a 300-metre-long, illuminated toboggan run, making it perfect day out with sleighs and bobsleds.

Wildpark Schorfheide

This Wildlife Park Schorfheide is not only a natural reserve for all kinds of animals, it is also directly connected to a climbing park. See native animals such as Przewalski’s horses, red deer, European bison as well as wolves any many more roaming around in their natural habitat.

Children will be especially thrilled at all the things to discover and do: they can romp around the adventure playground, swing through the air, climb and slide, pet goats in the petting enclosure and splash in the fountain. The attached climbing park on the other hand is great fun for visitors of all ages. Here you can explore 100 climbing elements and go up to a height of 12 metres on top of the lush trees.

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