18 August, 2023

Berlin's Long Night of Museums 2023

Immerse yourself in Berlin's captivating cultural tapestry during the highly anticipated Long Night of Museums event in 2023. This annual celebration breathes new life into the city's history and artistic heritage, offering an enchanting exploration of its renowned museums and cultural hubs against the backdrop of the night sky. Themed "Sounds of Berlin," this year's event promises a unique auditory dimension, enriching the experience with captivating sounds that echo the city's diverse history.

Mark your calendar for August 26th, when the festivities commence at 6 p.m., centered around the iconic Lustgarten. This central hub will be abuzz with activities, including the opening ceremony, serving as the launchpad for a night of cultural wonders.

Bode Museum at night

A night full of culture

On this eagerly anticipated night, Berlin's museums extend their operating hours to welcome inquisitive minds to a cultural spectacle. From world-class art galleries to intriguing historical museums, the city's rich heritage will be presented in ways never seen before. The Long Night of Museums is a celebration of Berlin's diverse cultural tapestry, uniting individuals in their shared appreciation for art, knowledge, and creativity.

From 6 p.m. until 2 a.m., a single ticket unlocks a world of possibilities, granting access to over 70 museums hosting more than 700 events. Engage with special exhibitions, immersive installations, guided tours, live performances, interactive workshops, and a wide spectrum of musical genres – from the rhythms of tango to the beats of techno. The event transcends traditional exhibitions, infusing it with innovative workshops and captivating performances that inspire creativity and artistic expression.

Beyond tradition

The Long Night of Museums goes beyond the usual museum experience by introducing interactive workshops and captivating performances that engage visitors in innovative ways. From live music concerts to theatrical productions, the night transforms into a realm of creativity and expression, leaving an indelible impact on those fortunate enough to participate. Explore the full range of events and performances on the official website.

berlin cathedral river spree and alte nationalgalerie at night

Navigating Berlin's cultural tapestry

Navigating the myriad of museums during the Long Night adventure can be exhilarating, albeit a bit overwhelming. The event redesigns Berlin's cultural map, guiding attendees through diverse neighborhoods, each with its distinct allure and cultural treasures.

For a seamless experience, shuttle buses are at your service, efficiently transporting you between museums, ensuring you maximize your time. These shuttle services are included in the admission fee. Furthermore, a variety of specialized or express tours are available, allowing you to explore select highlights in a more focused manner. This customization empowers you to tailor your Long Night of Museums experience to your interests. Learn more about navigating between museums here.

Sounds of Berlin

Embark on an auditory journey through Berlin's museums during the Long Night of Museums. History enthusiasts can decode radio transmissions at the German Spy Museum or delve into the auditory legacy of the Cold War at the Cold War Museum.

Families are in for a treat as well. The Museum of Natural History comes alive with birdsongs, lion roars, and cricket chirps, providing an immersive nocturnal encounter. Guides share insights into the diverse voices of the animal kingdom. Meanwhile, the Labyrinth Children's Museum sparks imagination with visual depictions of the city's nighttime sounds.

Step into the past and immerse yourself in historical narratives as you wander through the grand halls of iconic landmarks like the Pergamon Museum or the Alte Nationalgalerie. The Long Night of Museums offers a unique opportunity to directly engage with masterpieces that have shaped human history, unveiling untold stories that both inspire and captivate.​

Altes Museum

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